Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Bone House

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Review: The Bone House  by Stephen R. Lawhead

The Bone House is the second book in the Bright Empires series of novels which is continues the story from The Skin Map. The Skin map was the first book I read by Stephen Lawhead and after reading it I went out and read several of his other novels because I loved the writing so much. So needless to say I was anxiously waiting a whole year for the release in the second Bright Empires book; The Bone House.  
Unlike the first book this book has a lot less action and adventure, that is not to say that I enjoyed it less. It was a great book to follow up the first one with a lot more background on the characters and a lot more in depth plot to set up the remaining novels that are yet to be released. As the Skin Map concentrates mainly around the books main character, Kit. The Bone gives us a better glimpse into Kit's girlfriend, Wilhelmina. We find out how she learned to jump and travel the ley lines and we find are treated to a  dynamic character. We are also given a bit of a History lesson behind the Burlegh and Flinders-Petrie which is starting to tie a lot of loose ends together. We are treated to a cliff hangeresque ending that makes waiting another year for the next novel, all the harder. 

Although the author gives a good review of the first story; if you have not yet read The Skin Map you will want to do that before picking up The Bone House. If you like adventure, fantasy, mystery, science or just want to enjoy good writing; I definitely recommend starting the Bright Empire novels by Stephen Lawhead. 

This book was provided free from Thomas Nelson's program for my unbiased review.