Sunday, September 16, 2012

Book Review: The River by Michael Neale

It's rare to come across a book that "flows" the way The River does.  This novel is not just a story but it is like immersing yourself in a song. Michael Neale has brilliantly woven a wonderful story into a work of art.
The River is a story about a young man that has witnessed a life altering tragedy in a river at the age of 5 and his journey to healing that brings him back to the same place he began. I found myself unable to put the book down, it was no work to read through the story and you find yourself enjoying every page.

This novel has no content in it, that feels like filler, you will find yourself immersed in the story the whole way through.  Although, I understand a lot of the parallels the author was trying to convey in the story that have to do with life; I don't think it was necessary for the enjoyment of the book. The book is blatantly allegorical but it doesn't take away from the book. It reads like a story your grandfather might read to you while sitting at his feet.
It is hard to believe that this is Micahel Neale's first novel, but after reading it you can understand why he is a songwriter.

For people that just want to hear a good story, I would definitely recommend this book to you. I find it a hard book to review because it feels like I would be revealing a perspective on a work of art. I believe parts to the story that any person can find themselves connecting with.
I can't remember when I last gave 5/5 stars on a book. Check it out!

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