Friday, January 11, 2013

Book Review: Placebo

Placebo By Steven James 

         Do you like Mystery, thriller, action and conspiracy? These are the words I would use to describe this novel. I was unsure what I would think of this novel when I first read the description. It is a little different style book than what I would normally choose. As soon as you start the novel, Steven James (author) stuns it's readers with a tragedy that ultimately plays a big role in the main character's (Jevin) decisions and personality.  I was drawn into the main character who you you tend to cheer on as the book progresses. 
         I enjoyed the book overall, it was very well written and the characters were well drawn. My only complaint is that this book is very intelligent, a little too intelligent. You can easily get confused with a lot of the science and meta-physics ect... You don't want to read this book, if you are looking for a simple, brainless, entreating novel. This novel makes you have to think about what you are reading and understand it, as it is important to the story line.  You also need to play close attention to the characters as they are introduced, because you can easy wave them off as minor characters only to forget their role earlier in the book at an important part of the story.

        It took me a long time to read this book, not because I was completely bored, but because I had to read it slowly to make sure I am not missing any content. If you want an intelligent novel full of action; pick up Steven James' Placebo, the first book in the Jevin Banks series.

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