Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review: Sherlock Holmes and the Needle’s Eye: The World’s Greatest Detective Tackles the Bible’s Ultimate Mysteries” by Len Bailey

         Are you a big Sherlock Holmes fan? Do you love the mysteries in the Bible? Then you will probably like Len Bailey's Sherlock Holmes and the Needle's Eye. I wanted this book because I love mysteries in the Bible.  I have bought many books and pondered many hours on the unknowns. Am I a Sherlock Holmes fan? Not exactly; I've enjoyed some of the modern era shows on the character and I've read some short
stories. While I find them interesting, I don't own any of the books nor do I go out of my way to read or watch the shows/movies. All that being said, while the Bible portions of this book were interesting to me, the Sherlock Holmes crossover seemed a little too far fetched and more or less a distraction to me (mainly the time travel).
            Being familiar with Sherlock Holmes, I could see that the author went out of his way to get the writing style, characters and dialogue down to a fine art. He also made sure that he was being true to the scripture while painting a picture of Biblical scenes in front of my. I could actually picture the characters (both from Sherlock and Bible) and it did not feel far removed from the original Sherlock Holmes books. The book got me thinking about things in the Bible that I haven't really thought to ponder, which is a good thing, and it also provides scripture references for you to get acquainted with the scriptural text before you read the Sherlock mystery. The concept of this book is unique and I actually have a great appreciation for what the author is trying to accomplish (and with success). 

             For avid Sherlock Holmes/Bible Mystery fans: 4.5/5
             For the average Christian reader: 3.5/5

I received this book free for my honest review from booksneeze (