Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Heaven is for Real for KidsA Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

Heaven is for Real for Kids is based on the best selling book "Heaven is for Real" (Click to see my review) . When I read the original book, it passed through many hands and has snowballed into a book that many have read and been encouraged by. It was hard to explain the concepts to our children because they are visual, my son was around Colton's age of his heavenly experience when I talked to him about the book. Colton and his family have done the admirers of the original story a great service by introducing us to a kid friendly version of the story. It shares Colton's story very briefly but has some pictures to go along with it. My kids from 1-5 are fascinated by the book and it gives us a great medium to talk to them about the things of heaven and the end time events leading up to it. It also gives the adults reading, a reminder of the wonders that are before us in the age to come. 
If you have children and/or have read the original Heaven is for Real book, this is a must have to go along with it. If you have not read the original, you should. Thank you, Todd, Sonja and Colton for this gift.
This book was provided free from Thomas Nelson's booksneeze.com program for my unbiased review.